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Home contents insurance is designed to cover your household goods against loss or damage caused by accidents, fire and theft. Just think about how much it would cost to replace everything you have in your home if it was stolen or destroyed. From carpets to curtains… appliances to electronic equipment and furniture – even the contents of a single room could cost a fortune to replace!
Unless you have reliable insurance, the cost of getting back everything you’ve lost could be devastating. Fortunately, most home contents insurance policies in South Africa will cover your household goods against the following risks:

  • Theft or attempted theft causing loss or damage to your goods, following forcible and violent entry to (or exit from) your premises.
  • Fire, lightning and explosions.
  • Loss or damage caused by deliberate or wilful acts.
  • Natural Disasters including storm, wind, flood, hail, snow or earthquake damage.
  • Loss or damage caused by water systems failure, including burst, leaking or overflowing geysers, water supply tanks, cisterns and water pipes.
  • Impact by animals, vehicles, falling trees or parts of trees; aircraft or articles dropped from above.

Important: Before you insure the contents of your home, make a list of the contents of each room and find out how much it would cost to replace each item at today’s prices – which is not the same as the price at which you bought the items. Add everything together to determine your total replacement value.

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